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CS50 has now released debug50 a more stable version than its predecessor. You can also manually use gdb through the command-line with; gdb OBJECT-FILE (where OBJECT-FILE is a vigenere.o, or just vigenere). Inside of which you can type r for run, n for next, c for continue, and b followed by a line number or function, such as b 50 (breaks line 50) or b foo (...


I had the same problem. What seems to be working for me is running debug50 ./programname from the terminal.


Google "cs50 gdb youtube" and you will find two helpful videos explaining how to use the debugger from the command line. It's much more reliable, and has the added benefit of being a tool that will always be available to you in the future even if you do not use the Cloud9 IDE for development. Basically, to debug myprog with a breakpoint at myfunc, passing ...

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