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The problem looks like you are trying to create a table with two primary keys, one on column ID and one on column TIMESTAMP. A table is only allowed to have one primary key. You can have multiple keys, they can be unique or not unique (referring to the column values), they can index the combined values of multiple columns, etc., but there can ONLY be one (or ...


This with open("characters.csv", "r") is a problem. Why take an argument and not use it? Don't hard code the file name.


You are using Bootstrap to stylize ur table and as I see u r using <table class="table table-striped"> to create stripped table but r u really getting a stripped table? Change ur code to include something like this : <div class="container"> <table class="table table-striped"> <thead> <tr> <th&...


If you want to target all the <tr> or <td> children inside the table use: table#leaderboard tr { /*whitespace combinator*/ /*all children*/ } If you want to target only the direct children (in case you have nested tables) use: table#leaderboard > tr { /*right arrow combinator*/ /*direct children only*/ } Edit Outside the ...

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