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You don't have a "thing" named tokenizer. Review the hints section of the spec: Odds are you’ll find nltk.tokenize.casual.TweetTokenizer of interest, which can be used to tokenize a tweet (i.e., split it up into a list of words) with code like: tokenizer = nltk.tokenize.TweetTokenizer() tokens = tokenizer.tokenize(tweet)


Are you sure it's adding a space, and you're not just printing a space using print? Consider print('token: "{}"'.format(token)) Added " so it's clear where the token begins and ends. Is there an extra space?


As per the spec [emphasis added]: ...among whose features is a tokenizer that you can use to split a tweet (which is maximally a 140-character str object) into a list of words (i.e., shorter str objects). Program is trying to find a list of words in a list of words here if tokens in self.positives:. You want to test each word in tokens individually; you'...


I had the same problem. What worked for me was to clear cookies browsing history etc.. and then use incognito mode (ctrl+shift+n). Strangely this didn't work in just incognito mode I also needed to clear cookies/history. Failing that switching to another browser worked for me. I'm on a linux system and I didn't have the same problems using Chromium.

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