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sides of triangle. returning value

I only see one issue in two places: if (valid_triangle = true) This is an assignment statement, which is always true, because it used the "=" operator. If you want to do a comparison test, it must ...
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Week 2 Lecture - Functions - Valid Triangle

Just like the function printf, the valid_triangle function has to be called from within main in order to execute and produce results.
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Pset2 Functions video - Valid triangle solution

What I think you are doing wrong is, you are checking if an array is less than or equal to 0. What you should be doing is indexing into the array. Then it would be checking the float values. while (...
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cs50 mario.c more check errors

Looks like check50 got a different file. Maybe you have forgotten to save, or you are in the wrong directory, one where you stored a solution to mario.less? check50 will always upload mario.c from ...
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