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Pset 3: undefined reference to sort error with exit code 1

The error is basically saying that the function sort() doesn't exist. I can hear you already yelling that it does, but at the moment, it really doesn't. The real problem is that you have a simple ...
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pset8 addMarker undefined in info window

I incorporated this addMarker function into my app and it showed the list of articles in the info window (though the articles don't have "links"). So I "tweaked" articles; changed return jsonify(...
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I am currently working on sell.php. I have debugged the code several times but I am unable to find the error.?

You are using the wrong return value. From the pset specs: If query is instead passed a DELETE, INSERT, or UPDATE statement, it will return a non-negative integer that represents the number of ...
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Undefined index in pset6

it appears that you're not extracting the query string correctly. I could tell from the command string which shows QUERY_STRING=\"Gou\" where it should be QUERY_STRING=\"name=Gou\"
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