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Just re-upload. You can upload as many times as you like until the cut-off date. Each time you upload the entire assignment is re-checked, so take care to include all the files on each upload, not just the ones that have changed. Also, remember to check50 before submitting.


Figured it out. update50 and restart.


I was facing the same problem(see my comment). I kept closing the window and doing it again till it showed up in the sidebar Also, you can click open the zip file from here itself and navigate to bounce.c to check it out


Not really sure this counts as an actual answer, but, nonetheless... Something similar happened to me with pset3. When in "CS50 Submit" page, I clicked "upload", selected the file, "OK", commented the version... So far so good... But, when clicked on "Start Upload", the page would just hang... So, couldn't help it, I'd click "Start Upload" again... < ...

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