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An #undef could be used to deal with a macro that is previously defined elsewhere, such as in a header file. It's possible that there are conflicting references to the named macro. It might be a macro in one place and a function in another. In this case, it was determined that whatever is being read is simply too long to be a word, so it is reading until it ...


That is the mode required to access a file with apache50 server. You will need to chmod 644 the html file, or any file, to get rid of the "403 Forbidden" error.


@DinoCoderSaurus is right. See also 403 Forbidden / permissions / chmod -- the definitive guide on the CS50 Reddit, for details on the minimum required permissions for different types of file. TL;DR: It's 711 for directories (unless you want Apache2 to generate a dynamic index when there is no index.html or index.php provided, then it's 755). It's 644 for ...

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