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No results hours after submission pset7

you could spend a mountain of time trying to figure it out, and likely have no success. Fortunately, you can resubmit with no penalties whatsoever. The system will record the last submission and ...
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Week 7 Regular Expressions - Why is".@.", email) returning valid for "a@bc" and "aa@b"? looks for any patterns that match your criteria and returns them in a "match object". So, when you define ".@." as your pattern, it will find a match anytime there is a ...
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survey : ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 4) in template sheet.html

Your answers is going to be a list of each list of answers (ie, a list of rows). The actual 'title' of those answers isn't in the file. You only need to iterate over each line and then iterate over ...
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