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pset6 : cs50 IDE problem starting my server The webpage is not avialable

The website is available on I had the same problem. Try update50 in console.
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Week 7 Regular Expressions - Why is".@.", email) returning valid for "a@bc" and "aa@b"? looks for any patterns that match your criteria and returns them in a "match object". So, when you define ".@." as your pattern, it will find a match anytime there is a ...
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survey : ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 4) in template sheet.html

Your answers is going to be a list of each list of answers (ie, a list of rows). The actual 'title' of those answers isn't in the file. You only need to iterate over each line and then iterate over ...
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week7 lecture7 first html file on hello.html demands login details

If your workspace is public, it is accessible to anyone on the web without your login details. You can see the setting in CS50IDE -> Go To Your Dashboard. I reserve the right to change/delete my ...
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