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I am an agricultural engineer by education and have over 15 years of work-experience in sales and distribution, across 7 different industries.

Basically, a hard-core sales guy, if you would like to say.

In between, I had the bouts of lunacy.

Once due to which, I left a very well paid job and with an offer to get promoted to join a non-descript company to start new lines of business, which I pursued for a year (started new distribution lines for LCD&Plasma TV, Projectors and Digital Cameras). T

The second bout was much more severe and had terrible repercussions, which I believe are going to trouble me for my entire life time. In the second bout, I left a very successful job (again) and worked for 52 months on my 3 e-commerce ventures. Ran out of money and had to shut them down (my father was suffering from cancer also, he did not make it). The pioneer to bring market-place model in India (no one else might agree with it).

Have lead national sales team of more than 400 persons and 350 retail touch points.

Currently, interning at a fintech startup as a product management intern, in order to learn programming and gather enough technical expertise, to have one more go.

My life is an epitome of DRY (Do Not Repeat).

I shall redeem myself.

With your shield or on it.

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