Check50 has passed all checks for pset6 except for the request of test.css and test.js. But these files do not exist within the pset6 folder, so how should this work? I tried requesting each of the with the cs50 server and it also did not work. Am i forgetting about something, or is it impossible to pass this check?

  • Which course year are you following. There was no check50 before 2015 course. – Muhammad Shahzad Bajwa Apr 4 '16 at 20:52

It's hard to say if you're forgetting something, but rest assured it is possible to pass this check. The auto-grader will give the same result as the check50s, so if you do not pass all the tests, it will be reflected in the grading.

When you requested them with server did you got a "404 Not Found"? If so, then technically it did work, since those files do not exist. If not, that's a good starting point for your troubleshooting.

All things being equal, this seems to indicate a problem in your lookup function. You could test it by adding a test.css file to your public folder. It doesn't have to be a "real" css file, perhaps copy hello.html to test.css. Then request it in your browser or curl to see the result, and to see what feedback server gives.

  • Thank you for your reply! I get a "404 Not found". I have used gdb and as a path i get seems to be right /home/ubuntu/workspace/pset6/public/test.js. That is why i looked in my public folder and i do not see a test.js or test.css file there. When you look into your public folder do you see a test.css of test.js file there? (i also changed my hello.html files name to test.css and it opened the file) – Emma Apr 5 '16 at 17:52
  • If these are the only errors in both check50s (server1 and server2) then the problem is most likely in lookup(). There is no test.css or test.js with the distro code. When you say it "opened the file" did it display the file contents or give an "Opening file" dialog box? The dialog box would indicate that lookup is not returning the correct MIME type. Look for a typo. If you're still stuck, you could add your lookup function to your question to aid troubleshooting. – DinoCoderSaurus Apr 5 '16 at 18:39
  • But if it returns 404 not found it means it did not even get to the lookup function, since the lookup function is not called before the check if the path exists (and then 404 is returned if it does not). (When i changed my hello.html to test.css it showed me de the html code within hello.html. Also i used GDB to look at lookup (with the added test.css file) and it gave back the right extension.) – Emma Apr 5 '16 at 19:47
  • check50 is not (necessarily) using your data. Do all tests pass in check50 server1? Does check50 give any other info on the fail besides "red" (like expected....got.....)? – DinoCoderSaurus Apr 5 '16 at 20:23
  • It seems it does use my data since i pass the test when the fake test.css and test.js files are there. And when they are not they fail... The error i get is just a TODO. Which somehow seems to indicate that there is still something to make but i would not know what. (I passed all server1 checks). Btw really thank you for trying to help. – Emma Apr 7 '16 at 19:35

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