I have created two tables in my database named : portfolio and user_data. portfolio has fields as: user_id, Symbol, Name, Shares, Price, Total, Datetime all of them "NOT UNIQUE" so as to let the user purchase more of same or other stock. Whereas, in user_data I have fields as: user_id, Symbol,Name, Shares, Price, Total all are "NOT UNIQUE". user_data stores the total shares and total price of all shares of a particular user for a particular stock so as to show the user updated data with total of all shares and price rather than showing the row by row purchase. As I execute my code if a user say Andi buys 2 shares of NFLX she gets a table showing 2 shares of NFLX. If Andi buys NFLX another 2 shares a table showing 0 shares of NFLX appears with Total of only 2 shares rather than 4. Here's my code for buy:

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


I was little bit confused over the algorithm for my code but now it's solved as I have finally realized that I have only choose between disc space and runtime for this issue.Code removed for academic honesty,thanks!

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