Has anyone encountered a timeout issue on pset2 (vigenere) as well for the last check during check50?

I receive the following error:

:( rejects "Hax0r2" as keyword
timed out while waiting for program to exit
running ./vigenere Hax0r2... 

When i manually run the code there seems to be no issue:

~/workspace/pset2/vigenere/ $ ./vigenere Hax0r2
plaintext: hello
ciphertext: oeiUf

Anyone has an idea why the submit50 tool is failing on this?


According to the specification [emphasis added]:

If your program is executed without any command-line arguments, with more than one command-line argument, or with one command-line argument that contains any non-alphabetical character, your program should print an error (of your choice) and exit immediately, with main returning 1 (thereby signifying an error).

It looks like your implementation is encoding the message instead of exiting and returning 1.

  • Thanks for the help. This was indeed the problem with my program. I feel stupid now :)
    – skypain
    Aug 28 '17 at 18:51

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