I uploaded my code in Gist so I avoid doing spoiler to those who have not finish yet. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3b51071fe9d7226e9bdb43675290956a

My code is working mostly fine except some weird outputs sometimes. For example if use a key of 8 it will turn all the 'r' in an apostrophe and if I use a key of 7 it will turn the 's' in an apostrophe again. I really can't get what's wrong with my code! Thanks ahead for the help


Use 65 and 97, the ASCII values of 'A' and 'a', not 64 and 96.

Also, if you used any two of isalpha, islower, or isupper, non-letter could be an else path, with spaces and punctuation united.

And a last one: In C, if (value != 0) or if (value != NULL) or if (value != '\0') are same as if (value). It's fine if you want to emphasize the meaning of the null value.

But especially if the value represents a true/false value (0 is false, anything else is true), better not use != 0.

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