I have finished Pset 3 with no issues compiling or any issues with check50. However, when I try to play the .wav file that I have generated using ./synthesize jeopardy.wav < songs/jeopardy.txt, the IDE gives me a red pop up at the top that says Error loading audio file.

Sooooooo I downloaded the jeopardy. wav file to play it in Windows Media Player to see what's going on. The recording is 3 minutes long and each note has a duration about 10 times longer than I would expect. I am returning the correct values in my int duration method so I'm not sure why this is happening.

Any thoughts? 🤣

Will post code if deemed necessary, but as I said, everything is going through check50 just fine.

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I changed absolutely nothing, re-ran ./synthesize jeopardy.wav < songs/jeopardy.txt and now it works.


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