I've been able to do fine viewing the lectures and several shorts, but reading the recommended readings and skipping the shorts might be even more structured if one is clear he wants to have an ampler view since the beginning. In this case, would reading those chapters (knowing that they will require more time than the shorts) save us at least the time required to watch the shorts? Do they already cover what the shorts do or is there anything in the shorts that we would miss if we don't see them?


Although the shorts are still sufficient for the course needs, the recommended readings address these topics probably in more details and cover more things than the shorts, but the shorts are more to the point (regarding the problems, week topics or "scoring aim" of the course) than the readings.

I didn't go through "all" the shorts and the readings (I just go for the recommended readings as I need to, but I don't think that the shorts cover things that the readings don't cover though.

  • @Mart done . ;)
    – kzidane
    Sep 20 '14 at 22:15

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