So, csv files are used to store data and so does .txt files. I just want to know how do we manage a large text file. For example, if i have a file which contains all the info about school students, how do i get info about a particular student just by inputting his/her roll number? Is there a function or something which was not mentioned in the lecture?

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  • Generally speaking, and as you should learn in subsequent lectures/psets, one would have to write a function to accomplish that. Apr 29, 2020 at 21:05

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While there are standard library functions for reading, writing and repositioning in files, it gets more complicated when you are trying to manipulate specific types of data. In this case, you want to manipulate data of a specific application. Generally speaking, there are no standard library functions to do that.

At this point, you would either need to write your own functions to do this, or use an app or a custom made library that someone else has written for dealing with the specific data and data files.

There's also the possibility that there are "standard" libraries created to work with specific types of files, because there is already an agreed standard specification for those files, such as pdf, jpeg or other image types, doc files, etc. In these cases, companies or working groups may have created libraries that work with files defined for that specification.

Bottom line, it's about what the data is, what you're trying to do, and who designed the data files.

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