the first thing that the Mario instructions say is this : First, create a new directory (i.e., folder) called Mario inside of your pset1 directory by executing

~/ $ mkdir ~/pset1/mario.

I do not understand if this means that i have to continue working on my hello.c work or do i delete it and create a new terminal and window to work on Mario ?

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You don't have to create a new terminal window, but you should only start mario if you're finished with hello. If you're in the hello directory, on your terminal, execute: cd, cd pset1, mkdir mario, cd mario. Make sure it's in that order. Don't delete your hello.c work though. If this helps, please click the check mark or upvote it.


It's a new program. Start with a new file. You're done with hello.c, but feel free to look at it for any ideas on how to do anything you've done in the past.

These instructions are guiding you through how to create a new directory to put that file in.

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