In the pset3 Runoff specification (year 2020), every voter effectively votes for their top-preferred candidate who has not already been eliminated.

If the top-preferred candidate has already been eliminated, the voter’s next preferred candidate i.e. the 2nd candidate gets the vote. And so it brings the following scenario to my mind: In the event that the 2nd preferred candidate has also been eliminated, the voter’s 3rd preferred candidate gets the vote and if 3rd preferred candidate has also been eliminated the 4th preferred candidate gets the vote and so on until no candidate has been eliminated.

I have already submitted the code and no errors were found (24/24).

But this possibility occurred to me later and so want to get clarity if this is a valid scenario which would have to be implemented in my code?


Yes, per the spec, the voter's highest non-eliminated candidate should get the vote.

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