I am using Django for the first time. like the lecture said I tried python manage.py runserver but on clicking the link it doesn't show django default page. instead I see this

This site can’t be reached127.0.0.1 refused to connect.

I haven't made any changes in the distribution code but I tried some solutions from other answers like changing settings.py to allow the link I get. but it isn't working for me. I am using cs50 ide for this project and I have django version 4.0.5

this is what I see on running the server

python manage.py runserver Watching for file changes with StatReloader Performing system checks...

System check identified no issues (0 silenced).

You have 18 unapplied migration(s). Your project may not work properly until you apply the migrations for app(s): admin, auth, contenttypes, sessions. Run 'python manage.py migrate' to apply them. June 03, 2022

  • 04:51:03 Django version 4.0.5, using settings 'wiki.settings' Starting development server at Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

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I tried running python manage.py runserver and then clicked webserver in cs50 ide and it worked for me.

the url I got

{ide url}-8080.cs50.ws

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