I am trying to run the staff solution of server.c but I get an error that I need to install rsplib=legacy-wrappers. What does it mean? enter image description hereI just updated the appliance and restarted it, but problem is still there. Thank you.


There are two separate errors here.

  1. No such file or directory.

    The reason for this error is likely because you are not running the command from the ~/Dropbox/pset6 directory, which should contain a public folder if you've followed all the previous steps. The command you typed in will have the server program look for a public directory relative to the directory you are currently located in.

    You can run cd Dropbox/pset6 and try again, or specify an absolute path to the public folder if you insist on running the program from a different location.

  2. The program 'server' is currently not installed. To run 'server' please ask your
    administrator to install the package 'rsplib-legacy-wrappers'.

    To run the staff solution of server you must provide an absolute path to the staff's implementation of the program. If you don't, the operating system will assume that you are trying to run an uninstalled Ubuntu package by the same name.

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    That second error confused me. The problem was a silly one, thank you.
    – Federico
    Jan 14 '15 at 20:09

To run the staff version, you need to be in your own pset6 directory (where public is) and then run this:

jharvard@ubuntu (~/Dropbox/CS50/pset6): ~cs50/pset6/server -p 8080 public

Your first try you were in the root directory; your second try you were in the staff directory. Make sure you are in the directory where you've unzipped the pset6 files.

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