I was trying to finish the mario assignment in pset1. For some reason, I couldn't use GetInt() or GetString() at all, and my variable receives no value when I used those functions.

Thus, I had to use scanf, and managed to pass all but 1 last check. I received this feedback:

Feedback for mario

Thank you for your kind help.

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CHECK50 expects very specific responses. It is looking for Retry: from GetInt() for a non-numeric input. If you don't reproduce this behavior exactly, right down to the space at the end, it will fail.

Why couldn't you use GetInt() or GetString()? Did you remember to add #include <cs50.h> to the beginning of your program?

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You could use #include to use cs50 library(GetInt() and GetString() functions). If there's another issue in using cs50 library you could include that in comments or edit your question.

Now, if you don't want to use cs50 library for some reason, you can just recreate it's functions like GetInt or GetString using do while loop. Just keep in mind that you have to "yell at the user" until they provide valid input. That will pass the last test case.

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