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pset8 addmaker news content

I have a very waried error, and I don't now how to solve it. I have crossed around, searched for the same problem, tried to implement other appoaches, but nothing couldn't help me. This is my code: ...
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Pset8 Articles.php returns 'undefined' as link and title values

I've searched for quite some time trying to find a solution, but all the solutions look exactly as the code I already wrote and it doesn't work for me. I use $.getJSON to get article list from ...
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pset8 infoWindow appearing with wrong marker

I have everything working with addMarker() except for the fact that the infoWindow pops up in the wrong spot, as in the last marker that was loaded. I found the link below which seems relevant and the ...
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pset8 (mashup) - $.getJSON for articles.php not working

Please help me figure out how $.getJSON works! I've tried to model my code off of the other $.getJSONs in the distro code but I cannot make it work. No matter how I try to implement this section of ...
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Why is there a "@" in front of the functions in php

In pset8, articles.php, why is there a "@" in front of some functions? for example, $contents = @file_get_contents("{$geo}&output=rss", false, $context); Thanks!
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