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2 answers

CS50 Mario, Signs 'n' Logic

I'm havin' a little tough time with Mario's pyramid. Well the essence of this question is I don't get some of the "triggers" and signs on the code. I mean, I don't understand some signs, e.g. the i++, ...
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3 votes
3 answers

what is wrong with using `*ptr = *ptr++;` in a loop?

why can't I ever use the ++ incrementer in a loop? It only ever works for me in the loop conditions. I changed the code to *ptr = *ptr + 1; and it works fine. This has happened in a few different ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is the difference between ++i and i++?

After watching Precedence in the Week 1 Shorts, I know what i++ means, but I still don't understand: What is the difference is between i++ and ++i?
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2 answers

Trouble incrementing the number in jpeg filenames

I've gotten recover to work... sort of. The problem is difficult to describe without posting my code, but here's an attempt: My program can find all the jpg signatures (in GDB, my jpeg-finding line ...
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