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pset3 breakout infinite lives and scoreboard not adding

I have looked through many similar questions and some seemed to be the same as my problem but the solutions did not work. Basically, as the title says, the game plays but when bricks are removed, ...
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Scoreboard implimentation breakout

I've looked through every Breakout question and can't seem to fix my issue. Whenever I manage to get the Scoreboard visible/counting the ball will always collide then freeze on it. Right now I can't ...
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Why won't my scoreboard appear in breakout.c?

I can't for the life of me figure out why my scoreboard won't appear in the middle of the screen. I checked out the question @Agata S. posted (link below) but it didn't help me resolve my code's bug. ...
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pset3 --> label

in pset3 --> breakout I haven't been able to make the Scoreboard (label) to update after each brick broken or ball touching the bottom. I am printing in the gedit terminal the values of "lives" and "...
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