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Scratch Problem I can;t able to find Out my problem

Please Somebody help me Why Sprite of Ball is not working when condition hits . When ande touches the ball the ball should to initial position but it is not working
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1 answer

How to detect collision of a sprite with objects drawn by pen within a single sprite?

In Scratch, there is a boolean expression called "touching" and it can be used on one sprite to detect when it hits another sprite. But what if I want to detect when a sprite hits objects (...
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How to create a series of if-else statements in scratch?

Could someone help me translate the following program to Scrach? _Bool US_Citizen; if (US_Citizen == 1) join spaceX; else-if (US_Citizen == 0) Become an alien resident else Send the cat ...
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How to spawn sprite on random edge axes

In Scratch, how do I spawn a sprite randomly at any point along any of the four edges of the stage? I have tried using a go to motion block with a pick random operator, but of course this limits the ...
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Scratch - resetting the position of sprites after stopping a program

I have four sprites in my Scratch program, and they move around to various positions throughout my program. I'm testing now, and will start and stop intermittently. When I stop, I cannot figure out ...
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Borrowing a sprite from another project

I found a sprite that will work well in my project. I think it would take excessively long to make my own similar sprite. I don't want to borrow the scripts, just the sprite and its costumes. Is it ...
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