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Week 2 Lecture - Functions - Valid Triangle

This is from the functions lecture on a valid triangle. I'm not getting any error messages but I can't figure out why the bool valid_triangle (float x, float y, float z) function is not working. Any ...
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Week 2: valid_triangle function example -- compiling [errors]

This goes to week 2: Functions mini lecture. We create a custom function for verifying whether we have a valid triangle by assessing it's 3 sides. I wanted to elaborate on the code. Since, this ...
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Pset2 Functions video - Valid triangle solution

I tried to create a solution involing some of the new things learned in the weeks lecture such as arrays. How can I improve on this and why is my do loop to obtain a positive float value for the ...
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cs50 mario.c more check errors

I could not find the solution for my error on cs50 mario.c/more as my output shows perfectly fine on the terminal but i get check error which I don't understand please help: :( handles a height of 1 ...
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sides of triangle. returning value

problem: I'm making a triangle. side lengths will be provided by user. thats it. only rules : any 2 side lengths of the triangle must be greater than 3rd side length. no sides can be <= 0. if these ...
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