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Complex Scratch Scrips

I think the course defines itself as "introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming." It is indeed an art, there are people with an enormous talent for it,...
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pset0 - sprite movement problems

In your're script window, when the Scratch game is running, you can actually see what script is running. From this, you can see that the Dragon is not moving to the original position because "when I ...
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How to spawn sprite on random edge axes

You may do it in a few ways this is one of those:
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Where can i see my pset0 grades?

It usually takes up to two weeks for your submissions to get graded. Sometimes they can be graded even within days. If more than two weeks have passed you may want to send an email to Rob Bowden at ...
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1 vote check50 says I am returning '2'

You have a few minor problems which may be causing your failure: in your print statement you should be converting the result of the math to a string: print(str(mass_to_energy(user_in))) The program ...
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Pset0 - Check50 returns no results

There's neither check50 nor submit50 no submit50 for pset0. Edit: There is apperently check50 as a button on the submissions page. Missed that one. If it exists for you, that means the system seems ...
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Bug in game of scratch

if you change the code for adding plus one to the score from the cat sprite to fish sprite under when recieve eated it works as desired Here is a screen dump of what i mean
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pset0 how to hide or delete object in Scratch

You can try out something like this: Let me know if it worked!
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SCRATCH: motions stopped working even after no codes were changed

If you want the cat to move when the lioness moves, you need to broadcast an event. Broadcast an event whenever the lioness moves, and in the cat tab, whenever you receive that event move.
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Not seeing scores after submitting a while ago, what's wrong?

Per the FAQ: Not graded yet? If it’s been a while since you submitted Problem Set 0, but you’re still not seeing a grade for it in, be sure you’ve linked your edX account at
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How do I submit pset0 using cs50 ide (edx course, 2017), or there is another way?

Consult the Problem Set 0 specification. In particular, the section at the bottom titled "How to Submit" will answer your question.
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pset0 scratch how to pause the game

When you click to show the variable "play/pause", it shows that the variable is indeed working - it switches from play to pause and back again every time you click "p". However, nothing happens when ...
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Why does sound begin playing when app launched?

I was unable to duplicate the behavior you described, because your project did not play any sounds for me at first. After clicking around for a while, I eventually got the scripts for the casa and ...
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pset 0 submission locked - can I resubmit?

Yes, for the CS50x online class, you are allowed to resubmit as many times as you want. Only the last submission will count towards a grade. (For on-campus classes, you need to ask staff.) Just ...
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I have some questions with Scratch.(I am a beginner)

If I understand your question correctly, you don't know how to get one sprite to communicate with another. Different scripts can either communicate using variables or by events. In your case, I would ...
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PS0, hexadecimal meaning

binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, etc are referred to as positional numeral systems. they are different ways of representing numeric values. they use something called a radix or a base. see https://...
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