I've been trying to figure out the in and out of copy.c and looking at the program through GDB.

However, even though I want to perhaps see all (or most) of the step till the end the GDB keeps on stopping at the specific spot every time.

How do I keep going?

This is not specific to this pset or this specific question. It has happened many times before, and I feel that it is not that there's something wrong with GDB or the computer, but rather, there's some step that I am missing.

Among many different messages that I receive is "killing all inferior". I don't know if this is the important message. I'm just putting out here because I see often. (Furthermore, what does "inferior" mean in GDB?)

This is a link that leads to a screen video of me using the GDB. https://youtu.be/EF6wLx2inbs

Furthermore, what are some cool trick on GDB? Though I've been using it a lot I feel like I don't know many things, and I can't just drop in at office hours and sections because I live abroad...

For example, how should one effectively use the blankspaces right and left of “command”. I feel that it serves no use for except the right one is kind of like a command line argument and you can type stuff at the very beginning.

Thanks in advance.


If you have been using breakpoints, and you don't want to continue using the same breakpoint use the command delete and all of your breakpoints will be deleted. If you only want to delete 1 breakpoint, then use delete # where # is your breakpoint number. If you want to know about other breakpoint commands use help breakpoints.

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