I want to just see if the search part of helpers.c works, but upon compiling, I get a really long error:enter image description here this goes on for about 20 lines. Not sure what to do. I read through other posts, tried make find again (which is fine!)


  • Can you please edit your question and add the command you used to try and compile the program?
    – Cliff B
    Dec 13 '15 at 18:29

Pending your response, here's another question. Did you do make find or make helpers?

The correct command is make find. If you ran make helpers, it's going to give you the error that you got. The big clue is near the end: undefined reference to main because there is no main in helpers.

Part of this lesson is about building projects from multiple source files - *.c and *.h files. Every c program requires a main() program for an entry point. In this pset, main() is in find.c. So, if you want to test without compiling find, you need to add a main() to helpers.c. However, you'll need to remove it before compiling find.c.

You can also write and compile a test program, test.c, and copy whatever you want to test into it, adding the programming stubs you might need to do the testing, but it seems like it would be just easier to compile find.

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