I have some questions now, I don't know how it works. please teach me these knowledge if you know it, thanks a lot.

this is my first project, I have some questions. enter image description here question: I want to let Tera have two different answers when cat say "hello!" to him, he will answer "hello~!" or "go away", but I can't find the way to trigger it.

I have thought random number 0 to 10, if it between 0-5, answer "hello~!", else if answer "go away", but I can't let this operation fill in "Control".

Can anyone tell me how to solve it? thanks.


If I understand your question correctly, you don't know how to get one sprite to communicate with another. Different scripts can either communicate using variables or by events. In your case, I would say an event would be more useful.

Under events, there is a block that says broadcast message 1. Drag it under where the cat says hello. Now change the when green flag clicked to when I receive message 1. Now you have an event.

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