trying to check my code for the pset 3 search part, but I keep getting the unexpected end of input error.

Is it still because the servers are full? Or is something wrong with my code :-\


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I too have experienced this issue. Based on the answers I've found online CS50 reddit, it could either be the servers are busy or if you are running an outdated version of CS50 appliance. It should not be an issue with your code.

To update the CS50 appliance, just go to the terminal and enter:


Hope this helps.


I've had that same issue since the weekend. I believe it's a server problem, they may be bogged down so it's timing out or something. It happened even with the distribution code, so it couldn't have been something I did.


It just happened with me too. I was annoyed, visited stack exchange and reached this post. After reading the answers I was satisfied that at least the problem wasn't with my code. Went back to cs50 appliance (within one minute I guess) and did check50 again and the "server fault" was gone. In short: The problem with the server is momentary. Afterall honorable David Malan is behind everything that's there to CS50 and the guy is perfectionist :)

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