I have successfully implemented my articles and search route in application.py in so far as my articles route returns a JSON array of 10 objects which is to say 10 news feeds. I have implemented my search route in such a way that it returns a JSON array of objects where each object is a row from places and it takes queries involving postal codes OR city OR state though the spec says that it suffices to support search by just postal codes only. Now, when I move forward for script.js and change the value for keys latitude and longitude from Standford,California to Cambridge in center object in options which is to say that now I center my map to Cambridge then on reloading my map I should find myself at Cambridge. And per the spec I should zoom out to visually see that. But when I reload my map I get a plain map with no place names written so how do I find if I am centered at Cambridge and what's the point in zooming in as there are no names written for the centered or other places in my map? Also, in my map I get a textbox with typeahead not working giving me no suggestions and I think it should be working by now as my search route works.

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Issue resolved so, removed the code.


I am also having issues with after the search, the map repositions to the new location but there are no markers...please suggest where I should be looking to fix this, thanks

  • There would be no markers until u don't implement the add_Marker function in scripts.js. For now just the typeahead, the article and search route should be working. Feel free to ask doubts, if any.
    – sk.76
    Commented Aug 8, 2017 at 3:08

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