A quick question: I already submitted pset1 to pset5 in 2016 but as at that time the psets were connected to dropbox and I only managed to did pset6 in 2017 (+pset 7 but did not hand it in...). So in cs50.me the old psets are not visible so I submit them again. My goal is to actually finish this course before the end of this year. However, first the code did not got the happy smiles :):) due to GetInt() in 2016 compared to get_int() now in 2018. So, that's solved. However, if I now try out caesar it works with my code in the terminal but if I check it with check50 it does not pass. I checked all other aspects (atoi, .h files etc) but did not find any differences.

This is the output:

:) caesar.c exists.
:) caesar.c compiles.
:( encrypts "a" as "b" using 1 as key
    expected prompt for input, found none
:( encrypts "barfoo" as "yxocll" using 23 as key
    expected prompt for input, found none
:( encrypts "BARFOO" as "EDUIRR" using 3 as key
    expected prompt for input, found none
:( encrypts "BaRFoo" as "FeVJss" using 4 as key
    expected prompt for input, found none
:( encrypts "barfoo" as "onesbb" using 65 as key
    expected prompt for input, found none
:( encrypts "world, say hello!" as "iadxp, emk tqxxa!" using 12 as key
    expected prompt for input, found none
:) handles lack of argv[1]

But if I run it myself, it does give that output. So, does anyone knows what has changed in the C code of CS50 besides GetInt() and get_int() so that my codes on caesar and vigenere does not work with check50 (it dit pass in 2016). Thanks!


There have been other subtle changes, particularly in the early psets. Along with all of the get*() functions in the cs50 library, many of the psets now require prompts like "plaintext: " and certain printed comments like "ciphertext: " where there was none before.

Check out the current pset requirements to find out what minor changes you need to make. Also, the check50 can sometimes yield results if you carefully read what it expected. Look at the link provided by check50 and it will expand on what is expected and what it saw.

If you didn't complete the class before, you should still be registered and anything previously submitted should still carry over. You're still allowed to redo anything, but it has to be done to the current req's, not the previous ones. I would definitely say to do the current pset6 and beyond as they have changed a lot.

If you need help getting everything straightened out, I would suggest contacting @curiouskiwi for assistance. Worst case - you can reregister for the class and resubmit everything, making the appropriate mods along the way and doing the replaced psets as you go.

If this answers your question, please click on the check mark to accept. Let's keep up on forum maintenance. ;-)

  • Yes that worked :D I just looked over this minor detail. Will check all the psets again and resubmit them (or ask assistance when submitting a old pset instead of the major revised ones). Then I can start with pset6 and beyond :)
    – Marion
    Jul 13 '18 at 21:07
  • @curiouskiwi, is it possible to delete all my 'new' submissions (submitted last 2 days) for pset0, pset1 and pset2 so that old scores will be visible? Now I have to recreate scratch and adjust vigenere to comply to the new standards. I thought old submissions from 2016 were not imported, but after the remark of Cliff I checked and under courses I could see all old psets were indeed scored. Then I can spend all my time on pset6 and beyond and finish this great course :D
    – Marion
    Jul 14 '18 at 10:42

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