I have started CS50 and I'm trying to complete my pset1. I have the following:

~/pset1/hello/ $ ls
hello*  hello.c
~/pset1/hello/ $ ./hello
hello, world
~/pset1/hello/ $ check50 cs50/2018/x/hello
Invalid slug: cs50/2018/x/hello
~/pset1/hello/ $ 

I have followed the instructions and I'm assuming(according to what I read) that the problem here is that it should be: ~/workspace/pset1/hello/ $ check50 cs50/2018/x/hello . It was unnamed for me since the beginning and I can't rename the folder because the rename option is not active. What can I do?


It looks like you're working off of last year's class material. The slug for pset1 is this:

check50 cs50/problems/2019/x/hello

Here's a link to this year's class:


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  • Thank you so much! I hadn't been able all this time to upload my work even though I tried multiple times because I was following instructions from the last year thinking they were different courses from 2019. Really helpful :)
    – Ada
    Sep 6 '19 at 23:55
  • The course rolls over from year to year. Everyone needs to be using the current year's class, but you still get credit for work completed in the prior year.
    – Cliff B
    Sep 7 '19 at 0:03

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