I'm running into an issue on finance. Whenever I register a new account a google alert pops up and tells me that my password has been leaked and that I should change it. Is anyone else running into this problem? Or knows how to fix it? I'm not sure what part of my code you'd have to see to be helpful, so if someone could comment on that as well, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

  • If by "Google" you mean "Chrome", perhaps you should read this article. If you are using "real" login credentials for testing register, suggest you don't, and perhaps need to take the warning seriously. I suppose it could be possible that if you are using "generic" type of credentials that Google is finding a match. Sounds unlikely, but possible nevertheless. Jun 22 '20 at 14:06

For anyone else running into this issue: DinoCodeSaurus was correct. Since I was using passwords from the Info Lecture as throwaway data, Google found them in online. This can be avoided by changing the passwords you are using, but, if clicking away the alerts doesn't bother you, you should be fine if you stick with your old ones.

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