Whenever I try to run my speller program, it says that it is unable to load the dictionaries (both small and large). Even when I try using someone else's code on the internet, which is supposed to be correct, it still says that it's unable to load the dictionary, so I'm confused as to what is wrong.

Here's my code: [code deleted]

Can someone with a sharp eye point out to me where I may have gone wrong so that I can amend it? Thank you!

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More than likely, if it returns "could not load" that means you don't actually have the dictionary in your folder, or you aren't using the right path.

If your dictionary is stored in a folder called dictionaries which is inside the speller folder (as it would be when you downloaded the distribution code), then

./speller dictionaries/small texts/cat.txt 

for example, will load the small dictionary.

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