Everything was working well on my system and I was able to submit the first exercise on week 0 and get some results back, however on the second exercise, tictactoe, submit50 yields no results(I have tried submitting multiple times). Check50 works when I run it. I read somewhere that it might be due to the configuration of my the virtual environment but I am not sure how that affects? How would I be able to fix this issue?

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Oh never mind, I fixed it! So what I had to do is create a virtual environment that was outside of the project(tictactoe). I created the virtual environment on the folder CS50AI in my computer and the path to tictactoe was CS50AI/week_0/tictactoe. Also do not forget to delete any virtual environment folder you have created within the project (tictactoe). Apparently the virtual environments within the project interfere with submit50.

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