I am taking up CS50 for 2015 as an Honor Code Certificate. I was wondering if we would be given the certificate anytime before Dec 31,2015 in case we complete the course before that

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During the 2014 version of the course certificates were released multiple times throughout the year for people who finished early.

This is mentioned in the 2014 course FAQ.

If I finish the course before 31 December 2014, will I receive an Honor Code Certificate before 31 December 2014?

Yes, Honor Code Certificates will also be generated on 2 June 2014 and 3 September 2014 for students who finish the course before 31 December 2014.

It's worth noting that the 2015 course FAQ makes no mention of early certificate releases yet, so there's no guarantee that this will be the case again. But the course staff know that some people will finish way ahead of time, and they'll likely do what they can to appease these early birds.

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