I could not find the serial key according to the following instruction
"Once you see Enter License Key, paste in the license key you saved earlier, then click Enter >" Can anyone help me? Plz


Did you save the key after you went through the 'store' and placed your order? That's what you need to paste in.

If you didn't save the key at the time, you can sign back into the 'store'. At the top, click Your account/orders and then click to see the order details. The key should be shown there. Copy it and paste it into VMWare in the spot.


Go back to the store, where you downloaded the VM Ware. You can use the following link: https://harvard-cs50x.onthehub.com/WebStore/Account/YourAccount.aspx if you are an edX student too.

Just click on View Details and you will see your serial key.

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