So far i have submitted PSET0, PSET1, PSET2, PSET3. I have submitted both standard and hacker editions.

I have following grades so far:





I am not able to understand why i got no grade on PSET1 and why i have got 0 grade in PSET2.

Please anybody help. All the answers in PSET1 And PSET2 are correct , i can post them here if anybody wants.

If this is the way the grades are given then there is no use of doing this course.

  • I think you are not suposed to submit the hacker editions. Hacker editions are just to challenge yourself. This is just a guess but maybe that is what is causing the problem. Try resubmiting only the standard version. Also remaind that the grades can take up to three weeks to update, this time can be longer depending on amount of total submissions waiting to be graded.
    – wallek876
    Feb 27, 2015 at 20:34
  • To add to what wallek said, I submitted pset0-3, and while the rest were graded within a day or two, pset1 took a few weeks. You can click on the V next to pset2 to see what it checks and what failed (same as check50).
    – Melde
    Feb 28, 2015 at 2:10

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I found why grade were 0 in PSET2 ,it was all my mistake. Programs were correct, but the problem was i didn't have the CS50 appliance. So i didn't check the programs with checkCS50. I thought programs will be checked by humans. But it seems they are feeding it to checkCS50 and on results they are giving grades.

So like i missed printing an '\n' at end of the program or printed a text before program like "Enter string". These lines made the code non compatible with CheckCS50.

Now downloaded the cs50 appliance , checked the code with Checkcs50 and uploaded new files.

I hope now the grades will be updated.:) fingers crossed.

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