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How do I write words and sentences in Binary?

Hi I want to know how do I write a word in Binary for example word "HI" is it like this 1001000(space)1001001 or is it like this 10010001001001 (without space in between H and I) as there are two ...
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How does the processor differentiate between two alphabets in binary?

All the alphabets in the system are converted to ASCII codes. A word here will be converted into a stream of bytes. How does the processor differentiate the end of an alphabet and beginning of ...
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Code in "Compilers" video shows several ^@^@^@ lines as an example of machine code. Shouldn't it be binary code?

On week 1 short video "Compilers reources", at 5'06'' they show the "assembled file" (machine code the assembler produces from the assembly code). Screenshot: We've been taught that machine code is ...
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