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CS50x finance PSET 9 - quote does not valid ticker symbol expected to find 28.00 and buy page does not have all required elements

I run into some issues with the quoted.html and the buy.html. I suspect the issue is with my index.html but I am not sure why that is the case. For the buy.html page it states that input field shares ...
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1 answer

PSET 9: C$50 Finance. Why not <input type="number"> instead of text?

From CS50's Problem Set 9 specification: Require that a user input a number of shares, implemented as a text field whose name is shares. Render an apology if the input is not a positive integer. I'm ...
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PSET9 Finance: Check50 says Buy doesn't handle fractional/invalid shares, but when I try these things my page does reject them. Why check50 no like?

I have been using some of the html from the cs50 finance example page: (which is permitted by CS50) I think it may be at the root of the problem. Here's the relevant html ...
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The view function did not return a valid response. The function either returned None or ended without a return statement

I can't figure out what is wrong in my code My python code: def buy(): """Buy shares of stock""" if request.method == "GET": render_template("buy....
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Issue with Check50 PSET7 buy.html :( buy handles valid purchase

:( buy handles valid purchase application raised an exception (see log for details) Log sending POST request to /login sending POST request to /buy exception raised in application: TypeError: '...
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How to pre-populate sell() and buy() forms from index - Pset7

I'd like to allow users to buy and sell shares they already own from the index page. I've created a button for this on the index, and I simply want to send the user to the /buy.html or /sell.html page ...
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I am on pset7 and has created transactions table yet it shows an runtime error...displaying that "no transactions table" my finance.db

buy.php in pset7 This is my runtime error.
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