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PSET 6 Credit More: always gives an output of INVALID

from cs50 import get_int, get_string import sys Prompt credit number input cardnumber = get_int("Number : ") #copying the credit card numbers into other variable / arrays cardnumber ...
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pset6 credit help with calculations in python

I am trying to convert my credit solution from C to python, but for some reason it is not working. Attached is my code and the problems from cs50 import get_int card, a, m, v = False, False, False, ...
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PSET6 Credit - checksum not giving the correct number

list1 = list(input("Number: ").strip()) even_count, odd_count, count = 0, 0, 0 # if the length is even if len(list1)%2 == 0: # iterating each number in list for num in list1: ...
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83 views Runtime Errors

My code has multiple errors, according to the Python interpreter. This is strange as I have simply ported, line to line, from C to Python. Can someone please help me to understand why my code is ...
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problem with pset6 python credit

Below is my code: [hidden code] output is: Enter the card number: 378282246310005 firstTwo 37; firstOne 3; cardlen 15 MASTERCARD note: it shows MASTERCARD instead of AmEx..Why?
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PSET6, not able to import 'get_long_long'

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in from cs50 import get_long_long ImportError: cannot import name 'get_long_long'
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Pset6 Compiler returns 'Killed'

When I run my code through the compiler, it asks me for the credit card number. After I type in the number, there is a long pause after which the compiler returns 'Killed'. I looked this up online and ...
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Pset6: Python how to extract a single number as int from a list of strings of numbers

i = 0 sum = 0 sum += number[i] i += 2 It gives me this error: 'int' object is not subscriptable Googled it. Don't understand. What I want to do is add every other number in a credit card number, ...
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Pset6 always outputs INVALID

I'm currently re-implementing every one of my projects that could be bettered before I submit them all. Right now, I'm stuck on my re-implementation of pset6 credit. For some reason, it always outputs ...
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362 views Ternary operator

here's my code for I feel as though it should be working as it validates my specific visa number, but won't validate the numbers that were provided by Check50 for the C problem. I feel as ...
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