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Vigenere - is there a simpler logic behind it?

My code for vigenere.c works for check50, but ends up being much longer than caesar.c in the encipher part.I was wondering if I was missing a simple point and have meandered through the logic behind ...
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1 answer

C: Undeclared identifier error - Pset2 (Caesar)

I'm getting undeclared identifier errors for the letter i in the first 3 lines of code below.(Note: I have only posted the second part of the code). My algo is possibly a bit messed up too so far but ...
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1 vote
1 answer

pset2 caesar why not do it this way?

i have watched Zamyla's walkthrough several times and i wonder what if i create an array of the alphabet characters and do the cipher from that. that seems more efficient to me than doing a second ...
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pset2 Caesar - check50 problem :(

Good day beautiful people :) So this is my problem: I did some research and all i could find is check50 messing up when people keep printing "Give me a text to ...
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