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2 answers

check50 error message when testing

:) exist :( correct passes all test_fuel checks expected exit code 0, not 2 :| test_fuel catches returning incorrect ints in convert can't check until a frown ...
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4 answers

:( Little Professor generates 10 problems before exiting

hi i am solving this question >> my code is 100% correct. i have tested it several times but check50 is not able to pass all the tests. ...
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1 answer

Git hub on Chromebook

So, I've been doin Harvard's intro to computer science I passed week 0 an was pretty much done with week 1 when it said I couldn't run check 50 cause I hadn't authorized it. It gave me a link but I ...
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How can I use debug50 when it says "Command not found" every time I try to run it?

I am using cs50 sandbox and have tried to use debug50 over the past few weeks with no luck; I keep googling, watching CS50 videos, not just Professor Malan's lectures, but also Professor Doug Lloyd's ...
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1 answer

Mario error: expected ';' at end of declaration...all solutions i've found fail

i've been wasting hours going round in circles. Frustrating that first steps of learning are this hard.][4] i;ve removed the semi-colon and moved the curly hash together and separetely to no avail.
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Finding alumni in Barcelona

I'm a CS50 alumni seeking other alumni in the city of Barcelona. I do not know a better place at the moment to ask this question.
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1 answer

Holiday greeting

I have two problems with my code, when I go to print the greeting it says it is an undeclared identifier, and when I go to print the stem of the tree, nothing occurs. I do not know how to solve the ...
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0 votes
2 answers

(CS50 mario.less)Please point out the mistake in my code.(pset 1)

I need your assistance with my code foe CS50 problem set 1, the mario(less comfortable). I seem to have a few problems with the logic inside my code. Would you mind pointing out the mistakes? I would ...
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1 answer

Every move I do in CS50: pset3 is illegal...does anyone know why?

Hi please see code on this link: Every move is illegal and I don't know why... Thanks
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1 answer

CS50 Certification from HarvardX

Is there any certificate available other than Honor-Code and Verified by eDX ? I want to know is if there is also a certification from Harvard University for their HarvardX project.
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Verified Certificate

Hey I have completed CS50 , and received grade for my final project, Do I get a mail that I have completed CS50 and how long before I receive my certificate?
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