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My terminal showing @username>/workspaces/12604773(main) dollarsign

My terminal window showing @username>/workspaces/12604773(main) dollarsign Bash:check50:command not found
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PSet 2 - Why will it still pass negative numbers?

I am working on pset2 Caesar. I have everything done except for the fact that my program allows you to pass negative numbers as a key. Here is my code: #include <cs50.h> #include <ctype.h>...
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pset1 water how to ignore negative number

On the screenshot is the result after I typed a negative integer. How do I ignore the negative integers on bottles' result? Help pls. The positive & zero results are just fine, but the negatives ...
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pset2 Initials - negative index

I finished the Initials (more comfortable) problem, but when trying to detect initials, I'd like to avoid negative indeces. Here's what I used for the detection of initials, if it's not a space at ...
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