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My latest two problems aren't being scored

I submitted one of my problem sets and I'm unable to get my problem scored. screenshots:
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Knowing Score on Submissions

The cs50 website says "Follow the instructions therein to submit your problem sets, and within a few minutes, you should see your scores in!" I'm confused - I do not see scores. Below is a ...
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Bug in CS50's score counting?

I checked my "" recently, and was surprised to find that the score of my first two programs that I submitted in 2017 changed from 100% to 75%! I understand that they introduced a new ...
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Submissions from previous courses

I finished cs50x a few days ago and I would like to get a certificate at edX. However, cs50x2018 has started and my scores from 2017 have disappeared at Is there any way to recover them?
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How do I look at the score for my completed problem sets?

So this might seem silly but I have no idea what my score on my problem sets are, I see people talking about their scores and retrying and stuff but I honestly don't even know my score. Can anyone ...
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Pset6 Tweets output score and color different to staff version

My Tweets function can output score and tweet from Tweeter user. However, the output is a bit different to the staff version's output. I find that some words with first character capitalized are not ...
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Resize Question

I have a question: my resize is not compiling my code even correct? If I turn it in would I get a good score? Thanks In advance #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #...
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When I try to visit CS50 Gradebook recieve an error

When I tried to visit CS50 Gradebook ( recieve an error (1 july 2015, 14:10). CS50 Apps. An Internal Error Has Occurred. Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred.
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