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1 answer

My articles do not match with the staff articles

I implemented articles in, but the articles I get have nothing in common with the staff articles for the same Postal Code 02138 http:...
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1 answer

Pset6 Tweets output score and color different to staff version

My Tweets function can output score and tweet from Tweeter user. However, the output is a bit different to the staff version's output. I find that some words with first character capitalized are not ...
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1 answer

how do I access staff's solutions?

The weekly problems say that you can find the staff's solution in a folder: Staff’s Solution ~cs50/hacker2/initials but I don't have a ~cs50/hacker2/ or a ~cs50 folder for that matter in my cloud9 ...
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Where is ~cs50 directory in Cloud9?

The problem sets advise that one can play with the staff’s implementation of the problem set xyz by executing ~cs50/pset1/xyz. But I cannot figure out how to access the ~cs50 directory. Everything I ...
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1 vote
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Cant run ~cs50/pset5/speller texts/austinpowers.txt into IDE

I have just started PSET5 and in the text section the specs says to run the staff implementation by typing ~cs50/pset5/speller texts/austinpowers.txt but I am getting an error "Could not open texts/...
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How to run the staff's implementation using ide50?

I have seen this question asked, but I can only find ones using the old appliance, and not with the ide50. When I try to run ~cs50/pset2/caesar, I get this message Usage: /home/cs50/pset2/caesar . Am ...
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1 answer

Pset 6: "Stopping server" message when loading staff solution and cannot access ide50

For some reason as of today (1/30/16) I immediate get the output "Stopping server" when trying to run the staff's solution of server.c. I'd been able to view their version the past couple of weeks. I ...
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pset5 running staff implementation problem

recently i have taken a break from cs50, life got in the way, so I am sure I am missing something really simple......problem is running the staff solution for pset5. I typed in the command as per the ...
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missing staff files in pset6

I don't seem to have the right files in my pest6 file in the pset6 folder in the cs50 directory. I still have the old dictionary files from last year. Is there anything I can do to rectify this?
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