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1 answer

Why does sound begin playing when app launched?

I'm late to the party I know but I'm a retired programmer and I plan to catch up quickly. I've used Scratch to teach Hour of Code and I'm basically familiar with it.But my project is currently ...
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1 answer

Scratch won't play the background music and switch the backdrop in my game. Help pls :(

I have attached the snippet of an excerpt from my Scratch project, Shoot 'Em Zombies. It is basically a simple zombies shooting game. I want to set "Main" to be the background music and switch ...
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1 vote
1 answer

2014 appliance sound and display issues

I'm running CS50 2014 appliance on VmWare workstation, but don't have sound in appliance OS. However, I do have sound on my initial Windows Operating System. I've played with VMWare sound settings but ...
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Play sounds using the SPL

I would like to include sounds in the game Breakout. I tried a simple test to get a sound file to play with the following code: ... #include "sound.h" int main(void) { Sound paddle_sound = ...
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How to install sound driver in cs50 appliance?

I have installed cs50 appliance,but there is no sound. The message log is showing the following message : "A device id has been used that is out of range for your system. Sound will be disconnected" ...
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