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How did you reason about this statement: # Information about what the characters actually said # A says either "I am a knight." or "I am a knave.", but you don't know which. Or(Implication(AKnight, AKnight), Implication(AKnight, AKnave)), Or(Implication(AKnave, Not(AKnight)), Implication(AKnave, Not(AKnave))), It seems to be a problem ...


You have to provide commas to keep separate your logical expressions like And(Or(AKnight, AKnave), Biconditional(AKnight, Not(AKnave)), Biconditional(AKnave, Not(AKnight)), Implication(AKnight, And(AKinght, AKnave)), Implication(AKnave, Not(And(AKnight, AKnave))) ) This is the mistake in your logic.

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